The beauty of Fam El Hisn under the rain

Publié le 19 Février 2010

f hThursday 18 February 2010

On the contrary of the climate which dominates in Fam El Hisn characterised by the excessive presence of the sun which reaches a high degree during the summer. Nowadays, the citizens of this village wake up on the drips of the heaven. In Fam el Hisn it has already been  raining for a long time just like in other  regions of Morocco.

kAt the moment, it’s really a pleasure to see the spectacular beauty of this locality under the rain. Besides, it’s a right occasion to take photos so as to immortalize the  joyful moments and also enjoy the sight of the peaceful village surrounded by   numerous of  high  mountains.

We can easily see the river where the water flows and emits a series of sweet voices.

Rédigé par raja abdelkader

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ouledbennaceur 27/03/2010 01:36

J'ai touours pensé Abdelkader comme étant un fulgurant exemple digne d'être professeur de la langue de Hugo. Et voilà qu'il nous ébahit par cette "beauty of Fam el hisn" ....  Bravo monsieur.