Communication in the countryside

Publié le 15 Janvier 2007

           It's true that humanity has one thing in common. It is communication. So when people want to ask for something they communicate. And even if we don't want to communicate we communicate. Thus we can say that  communication is an essential need which permits to all the members of society  to communicate with each other and to express themselves . However the lack of communication can create some problems.

          In fact, this lack of communication  in the countryside is a serious problem which makes  life  unbearable . For instance,  teenagers as well as other people  are not able to interact with their parents or  they don't communicate at all.This makes children unsatisfied. The reason of this is that the majority of parents are not capable of understanding their children because they are illiterate.

          As a result of this lack of communication the children become very nervous. In addition to this, they begin to suffer from some psychological problems like: stress and the cleavage of the personality which excludes definitively the children from society.

          In sum,  communication is an important need that makes  children more sociable. Moreover, they can express their potentialities in different manners. Therefore,  parents should take into account all these problems and try to interact more with their children.

Rédigé par raja abdelkader

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